Homeschooling Starts Again

It’s that time of year when all the homeschooling materials have been gathered, fresh pencils and paper have been purchased {I always love fresh notebooks…I have a paper thing.} and plans for lots of learning in the coming year are all written down and ready. This is where I always need to take a step back for a moment before I jump into our new … [Read more...]

Free Stuff to Do This Weekend

101 Pretty {free} Printables     101 Sewing Tutorials   That ought to keep you busy this weekend!  Have fun! ~Kim … [Read more...]

21 Years!!!

Seriously, when we say “Forever, Wherever”…we mean it!  This photo was taken the morning after we camped and spent most of the night sleeping in the car or standing by the fire, only to wake up to chain saws cutting down large trees all around our campsite.  Ha!  Who knew a park could have too many trees!  I never knew … [Read more...]

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!  I hope you have a fabulous day full of food and fireworks!  Since I have two teen boys, that means we need to have an ginormous amount of both of those around here…ha! Have fun! ~Kim … [Read more...]

Forever…Wherever!!! – Even if Wherever is Here!

Tim here! (inline blog refresher: This is a "couples" blog... husband and wife write together. We usually take turns) AJ at Ponce DeLeon Park, Punta Gorda I'm feeling pretty good, in case you were wondering. Want to know why? Okay, I'll tell ya. I'm feeling good because I'm writing here on Forever...Wherever! and I think we'll be doing a whole … [Read more...]

Dogs Rule!

Our dogs are a BIG part of our family and I realized the other day that we don't stop and take photos of them often enough. This is Miss Buttercup! Isn't she sweet? We all love her, but I think Tim and A.J. fight over who she loves the most on a weekly basis. She was in an awful accident last year and we thought she wouldn't make it, but she is … [Read more...]

Nesting Place Guest Post Today!

I know you have all been reading Nester's 31 Days to a Better Dressed Nest! Well, Tim (Remodeling Guy and my sweet husband), is at Nesting Place today with a guest post. You can even ask him questions on Facebook. Isn't that neat? If you are looking for great ideas and a ton of laughs, stop over there and read his tips! … [Read more...]

What Else Can You Do With Your Beautiful Fall Leaves?

Fall wreaths are beautiful, but I found a few other ideas for those stunning leaves that are all over...well, everywhere but here. I'll just have to pretend they're here and buy them at the store. Making a swag couldn't be easier, and it's a great way to dress up a garden gate or door. Okay, I want the garden gate in the photo along with the … [Read more...]

White Pumpkins

This photo has inspired me to decorate with white pumpkins this year. The colors are so natural and not too dark for our coastal area. Maybe I'll throw a starfish in to beach it up a bit. We get a little crazy with Halloween decorations around here, so I have a little time to browse around before traditional fall decorations take their place … [Read more...]

A Grillin’ Weekend

The mornings have been getting a little nicer around here and we've been able to really enjoy our coffee on the back porch again. The summer was so hot and humid that we didn't spend too much time hanging out in the backyard. Since our house is small, the porch really opens up our living area. We are always amazed at how our palm trees have … [Read more...]