Growing Vegetables – Starting Seeds Can be Fun!

Got Seeds?

seeds 3

Our family has decided to plant a garden this year. So we did our research and bought a million seeds! Mostly vegetable, herbs, and some flowers to make it pretty of course!

Gardens are a wonderful way to eat healthier, save money, and teach your children so much!

We didn’t want to spend tons buying little starter trays and pots for ALL our seeds, so we made them.

I never knew you could do this…

IMG 2373

Make your own PAPER POTS!

Can you believe it? Am I the last one to know about it or what?

Here are the watermelon seeds all ready to grow…

Gardening - making a pot 8

Jacob rolled the pots using a cool little wooden pot maker that we ran across online while researching seeds.

We don’t even need to take them out of these pots. All you have to do is plop them in the ground inside their little paper pot. {Once they’re big enough to go outside.} This way there’s no chance of damaging the seedling during the planting process.

Jacob went to a class on worms once {We even had a little worm farm.} and he believes it will be better for our garden with the decomposing paper. Worms love to eat it! Gardens love worms! Sounds good to me!

Gardening - growing in sink and pots

Gardening - growing in hanging pots

We’ve started planting a few seeds in empty pots that we had on the back porch. Who says starting seeds has to be done in only one way?

One year we grew herbs in these hanging pots. The name of each herb was painted on the pot. This was a Mother’s Day gift made by my boys one year. I love it!

All our seeds are doing great and more are starting to pop up and grow every day.

Don’t you love how you can practically watch some of them growing throughout the day? The green beans are just amazing!

We still have a few to get started so we’ll be making more pots tomorrow. It’s really easy to do and you’re recycling! YAY!

As you can see, some of our seeds were planted in egg cartons. We are growing them in the egg shells so we don’t have to cause them any stress when we plant them. These are Zinnias! Pretty! {Obviously picked by me!}

Gardening - growing in egg carton

I saw on Martha Stewart’s website where see put pretty little cut flowers in egg shells for Spring flower arrangements. Try it!

Here’s the watermelon starting to grow…

Gardening - growing in paper pots

It’s time to start planting and we’re almost ready.

Here’s some tips if you’re starting a garden:

It’s best to plant three weeks after the last average frost date. To find out this information for your area check out

If you have areas with less direct sunlight try potatoes, herbs, or onions.

For container gardening information you might want to visit and! Container gardening is awesome!

Gradually move your seedlings outside and don’t plop them in the bright sun right away. Allowing them to adjust slowly will help them to produce food quicker.

Sprinkling coffee grounds around the edges of your growing areas may help to deter slugs and snails.

Adding cornmeal to your dirt can help ward off diseases. Check out www.dirtdoctor.comfor more information on dirt.{Of course}

Worms Eat My Garbage is a great resource for worm information.

We are definitely hooked on seeds lately! Stop by Julia’s Hooked on Houses for Hooked on Fridays.

What kind of gardening tips to you have? I’d love to hear them!