A Taste of the Keys

Do you know what these are? Yes, I know they're shrimp and that's not that hard to figure, but these are special! Very special indeed! Key West Pinks, that's what they are! These are not your everyday shrimp by any means. See how big they are? On our recent trip to the Keys we treated ourselves to some of the local cuisine. "When in … [Read more...]

Tasty Tuesday Blog Party – Strawberry Festival

Welcome to Tasty Tuesday! Well, I don't know about the "Tasty" part, but it is Tuesday. This week I wanted to go on and on about my love of strawberries and share some recipes with you. I did run into a little problem as I started making my pound cake. I'll tell you a little more about that later. Growing up in Florida and going … [Read more...]

Christmas Candy – Easy Pretzel Turtles

Easy Pretzel Turtles Do you need a yummy treat that only takes a few minutes to make? Who doesn't! These Pretzel Turtles are perfect for a party or a last minute gift. I'll show you how quick and easy you can make these sweet treats! Gather the stuff... I gathered more than I needed! I had an idea to make them with mint candies and … [Read more...]

Chicken With Creamy Bruschetta Pasta and Classic Spinach Salad

We've been busy, but we still have time to cook around here, and this is one of our new favorites. Tim found this recipe. How, you might wonder? He was in Publix {our local grocery store} trying one of the many samples. He always stops to see what they're cooking {so often that I'm sure they recognize him by now}, and most of the time it's … [Read more...]

Tasty Tuesday is Moving to Balancing Beauty and Bedlam!

Hey everybody! Big announcement! Hear ye, hear ye.... Tasty Tuesday has found a new home with Jen at Balancing Beauty and Bedlam! Not only does Jen homeschool her five children, she's awesome with meal planning, freezer meals, and cooking on the grill! I've always enjoyed reading her food posts and I know you will too! But that's not all … [Read more...]

Tasty Tuesday – Lunch Time!

Welcome to lunch at our house! This wasn't what I originally had planned for today, but you know how things can go sometimes. We're having Cuban Sandwiches that my family loves when I cut them up and serve them this way! It was too beautiful to eat inside, so we took to the porch for lunch. Do any of you great cooks know how to make Cuban … [Read more...]

Tasty Tuesday – Sweet Peeps!

  Welcome to Tasty Tuesday for this Sweet Peeps Extravaganza! We went a little crazy with the Peeps around here this week. I think I've had my share of sugar for awhile, and even the kids aren't asking for more right now. First, we made these cute little chick cupcakes! We don't eat coconut around here, but how else can you make a nest? Maybe … [Read more...]

Tasty Tuesday – Grillin’ A Chicken Philly!

Today (Tuesday) is Tim's Birthday! We had a little fun celebrating this weekend with awesome food from the grill. Well, he did do the grillin', but he enjoys it! Check out the yummy Chicken Philly! Tim started by cutting up some beautiful red, green, and yellow peppers. Oh, and don't forget the onion. He fired up the grill! There's … [Read more...]

Hooked On Islands – Any Island, Anywhere!

Far Far Away Heron Island, Australia We went on a trip to New Zealand and Australia a few years back and fell in love with all of it...and it's all islands out there! Even Australia is a big island! (Size of U.S. big) The picture above is from our room on an amazing little island called Heron Island on the Great Barrier Reef! I'll be … [Read more...]

Tasty Tuesday Parade of Foods – Irish Celebration!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! There's something about a reuben that makes me feel like I'm eating something special, not just "a sandwich." This is the first time I've made them at home, and I thought it tasted even better because I could adjust the ingredients to make it just right! What a great lunch! You don't have to be Irish to want to … [Read more...]