Gone Fishin’ (and Giveaway Winner)

Sorry I’ve been MIA for a few days….if I hide much longer I can just leave Tasty Tuesday up for next week too! But I can’t do that because the thing I have lined up for next Tasty Tuesday is too cute!

So, where have we been?

IMG 0233

Gone Fishin’

We’ve just had a tough time staying inside! People often say that the thing they miss when they move to Florida is the “change of seasons”. “I like four real seasons”, they say. Yeah, we don’t get that here.

It’s summer. Last week was spring. Now it’s summer. The temp outside today is pushing 90 degrees! Time for water activities.

Of course, he’s totally capable of doing this on his own, but I don’t want to miss the big catch! So I guess I better sit by the water too…

He’s good! He’s got the action!

IMG 0236

This will probably wear off in a day or so….

In the meantime…

Shell Frame Giveaway Winner

I did make Tim do the drawing for the winner…

ScreenHunter 03 Mar. 24 16

The winner is *Christy* – Whooo Hoooo Congratulations Christy! You can email me your contact information at kim@foreverwherever.com

To see what Christy won, take a look at the Shell Frame Tutorial!

Thanks everyone for playing! Aren’t giveaways fun!

See you soon!

~ Kim