Decorating With Maps


It might come as no surprise to you that I would love the idea of decorating around the house with maps.  Well, of course I think maps are beautiful things full of adventure and exploration.  The wonder of maps keeps my whole family in awe of all that’s left to be discovered.  There’s no need to put them up on a shelf, just frame them and decorate your home!  I love this idea!!


Frame your favorite city or vacation spot in a beautiful heart! How classy and fun!  It would be a great conversation piece for sure.  I need a few of these around to make me smile.


What a great way to add a little privacy to your office door!  My family would probably want to add stars to the spots we’ve already traveled…lol!  It might not look quite as nice.


I would love, love, love it if someone would just give me a vintage map or two that they’ve had stashed away in a closet for 30 years or so!  Oh, a girl can dream, right?!

You can find all these beautiful map photos and really cool vintage globes on my Pinterest Boards.

Do you have any neat maps or globes around your house?


Decorating With Crates


Crates have a simply charming style that can add that extra touch to any room of your house.  I know I need about at least 10 of these now and I plan on grabbing every single one I run across in the near future.

I never thought of turning a crate upside down and adding legs to create a crate table…love it, want it!


Add a couple to your wall for a lovely open shelf look that only took minutes to create…that’s an awesome weekend project!


What a great touch for a guest room!


I love color and this is a fun way to brighten up your wall and help you organize at the same time.  Now you’ll be on the hunt for these cool crates, too.


These are just fabulous!  Who wouldn’t want these?!


Simply stack them for instant storage and style!

Do you have any crates?  I hope you found a little bit of inspiration from these ideas and maybe you’ll know just what you want to do the next time you see one at a garage sale.


Decorating With Love!

green cabinet

I love looking through decorating blogs with beautiful house photos! 

Everything is arranged perfectly to express themselves and make their guests feel welcomed! Love it!

Well, My home never seems to get quite there! My children help with the decorating around here. I love it! But, it never looks like a magazine cover, that’s for sure!

We have a wooden boat made by Jacob and Tim. It’s too special to put anywhere it wouldn’t been seen by all that enter our home!

There’s a carved styrofoam fish made by AJ that warms my heart when I look at it. The creativity that is in him is beautiful!

Shell frames made years ago by the kids with photos of them at the beach. Priceless!

star wars tablescape

This is my “tablescape” to welcome guests as they come in the front door!

It was boring before the Star Wars Legos moved in! I don’t know how long it will stay this way, but I don’t have the heart to move Jacob’s creation anytime soon.

Here’s something that the boys decorated my kitchen with this morning…


This won’t be staying around in my sink for long!  Tim will take care of it later! 

Maybe one day I’ll have a room that looks like a magazine, but for now we’ll just stick to decorating with love!

What kind of interesting decorations do you have?

Shell Frame Tutorial and Giveaway!!!

Shells everywhere…

shells from bucket

These shells were found on the beaches of Captiva, Cayo Costa, and Sanibel.

Living in Florida and boating on a regular basis, we get to go shelling a lot! I love it! It’s one of the most relaxing things in the world…just strolling along the beach with the sun shining down, the waves lapping against the shore, and the birds flying overhead. All the while looking through piles of shells on beautiful white sand. Always looking for one more shell before stopping to turn back to the boat.

Have you noticed all the new shell home decor coming out in the stores? Well, I’m going to show you how to make your own shell frame today! This can all be done at a fraction of the price you would pay in a store, and you are being so creative!! That’s a good thing!

shell - frame - boxes of shells

I keep clean shells in boxes so I can start a project with shells without having to wash and dry them. These have a thin coat of clear on them already.

You can purchase shells, but just make sure you get plenty. It takes quite a few shells to make this frame. I always end up using more than I planned on when I started. Good thing I’ve got boxes full!

First, you start with a frame. A large flat surface works best. Remove the glass until you’re finished.

shells - frame - first step

Make sure all your shells are clean. Now, it’s best to find shells of a similar size for the base row. This can be done with all white or whatever shells you have. Just try to keep a uniform look on this part.

shells - frame - second step

Use a hot glue gun to secure them to the frame. You could stop right there and call it a day. It’s a nice shell frame already. But to make it extra special, let’s add more.

shells - frame - step 3 again

Start by finding shells to fit in the empty spaces. Don’t glue yet, just move them around until you have about 10 or so in place. Go ahead and glue them down before you knock them off and don’t know where you had them. {That’s never happened to me…I’m just saying.}

shells - frame - finished

It takes time to find a shell to fit just right in each spot. It’s kinda like a puzzle. Keep working on it until you love it! Add one here and there. Then check it from all angles to see what it looks like. When you’re done, you’ll know it!

When you are finished spray it will a clear glaze. {The glaze is thicker and has more of a shine than regular clear spray.} This will bring out all the colors in the shells! It also hides some of the extra glue that you might see. Let it dry. Add a photo!

shells - frame - last one

Not too hard, but it does take a little time. Enjoy creating something beautiful!


Would you like to make one? How about having  the frame and shells delievered right to your door?

Shell - frame - giveaway

Here’s a frame just like the one I used above. A large bag of shells with way more than enough for the frame. This will give you lots of shells to pick from. All these shells were picked by me!

To be entered in the giveaway just leave a comment.

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I hope all you crafty bloggers enjoy this! I know there’s lots of ya’ll out there!

Sweet, Sweet Valentine!


This time of year the magazines and stores are full of glittering,shimmering, and down right glitzy decorations! Last year I went all out and decorated every door in the house, the kitchen, bathroom and any table with space! Let’s just say it was a LITTLE more than I should have done! We’ve moved to a smaller house and sold all those red and pink decorations at a yard sale. I know Tim was thrilled about that!

I want to keep everything “simple and easy” feeling around here!

Here’s what I came up with…

I’m decorating with CANDY AND CANDLES!

The LARGE glass jar is filled with colorful candy that’s tasty and pretty!  Even the cute little boxes are full of candy. I bought them at Target, cut the tag off, and set it on the table! I know…how creative you say!  The pink candle is on a white flower plate.

Here’s why this works for me…

  1. The candy will definitely get eaten, and it’s great for bribing the kids to do school work and cleaning…just kidding (not)!!! 
  2. I don’t have to pack any of it away and hope to find it in good shape next year!
  3. The little boxes of candy will be given away as a Valentine’s Day gift.
  4. The candle will be used now and for Spring decorations.

No waste!  No fuss!  That’s why I’m decorating with candy and candles for Valentine’s Day this year!  Keep it simple!

That’s what works for me…Stop by Rock In My Dryer for more Works-For-Me-Wednesdays!

Be sure to visit Nesting Place and read Tim’s Remodeling Guy guest post!

Colorful Art – Matlacha Style

art - Lovegrove art gallery

Matlacha (Matt-la-shay) is a colorful little town full of big, colorful art! Lovegrove Gallery is always on my list of stops! This has been one of my favorite places to find art for years now! We are talking “Island Art at its finest around here! It’s located on Pine Island, Florida, and you might miss it if you’re not looking for it!

It’s about 25 minutes from Punta Gorda and today was a pretty nice day to visit…a little cold for me, but nice. Jacob and I even had some ice cream. I know I said it was cold out, but they had homemade ice cream! Girl Scout Thin Mint Ice Cream! It wasn’t too cold to have a little!

art - gallery backyard

The photo above was taken in the Lovegrove backyard! As we entered the gallery today they were passing out marshmallows for roasting around their firepit! Jacob really enjoyed that! The town is swarming with visitors at this time of the year and the shops and galleries are extremely busy! I thought it was wonderful to see this art community thriving!

Pine Bay Art and Antiques has a great selection of local art, and they have wonderful books by Robert Macomber that Tim loves! He lives on Pine Island and writes great historical fiction novels. I happened to find a cute little purse here today…wearable art!

art - gallery

There’s a great hotel to stay at located right in the heart of everything.  It’s actually built out OVER the water, with fishing just out the door to your room! That’s right…you walk out your door onto the dock with chairs waiting for you to sit down and “catch the big one” for dinner! Bridge Water Inn is great for families! Can you tell I practically grew up in my Mom’s travel agency?

art - hotel

Here’s one of my favorite things from Matlacha…The Giant Fish! We really should name him because he hangs out on the wall in the kitchen everyday! This is one of the many “colorful art” pieces that decorate the inside and outside of our house.

art -fish

Here’s another one of my earlier purchases…

art - paradise sign

Here’s more backyard art at the gallery…a reminder of Hurricane Charley that did so much damage in this area.

art - hurricane signs

Colorful art really does brighten everything up a bit!


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Christmas Tour of Homes


I‘m so excited to be in a wonderful Christmas Tour of Homes! (or two, or three…)  It’s so much fun and I can’t wait to see everyone’s beautiful decorations!  Remember, we do live in Florida so there’s not much of a White Christmas going on here…unless you count the sand on the beaches!  I hope my pictures give you a little taste of a Florida Christmas and thanks for stopping by!

Our Front Door
Our Front Door
Decorating our home for Christmas has always been one of our favorite things! Here’s a few photos from our home this year.

The wreath on our front door reflects our love for the water! We are steps from Charlotte Harbor and enjoy the warm sea breeze at this time of year… I think it was about 80 degrees outside today!! Some days I love that, and some days I long for a little cozy cottage with snow on the ground.

Our Piano
Our Piano

This here is our SPECIAL piano….painted by me!

We purchased it years ago when our boys started piano lessons and we didn’t want to invest in a new piano. It was brown with scratches(not a nice look)! Now…it’s an original alright!

Since we don’t have a fireplace, we use this as our mantel!

I did find these beautiful blue and green poinsettias at Michael’s for $1.49!!! That’s just in case someone out there besides me wants blue and green flowers! Hmm…maybe that’s why they were so cheap! 

The Blessing Tree

Our Christmas Tree is a VERY special thing for us!  For almost 20 years, we’ve been collecting ornaments from all over the world for our tree!  Whenever we travel to a new place, we find a cool ornament to help us remember the trip.  So we talk about our trips while we decorate.  It’s a blast!  My husband wrote a post about our Blessing Tree and here’s a picture of the “work-in-progress”. Isn’t my helper cute?

How to decorate a Palm Tree...

Our Palm Trees in the front yard are decorated with extra large metal starfish!  These are some of my favorite things!  The colored lights reflect off of them for a beautiful shimmering look!

Well, the last photo is of a little collection that I have on our dining room table. The little snowman bucket was purchased by Tim last year! I love it! He doesn’t really shop (ever), so that makes it extra special!

I have a great recipe for Reindeer Cookies…they’re so easy and cute!   

Thank you BooMama and Hooked on Houses and Kimba’s Holiday Open House!

I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse at how we decorate our home! Merry Christmas!


Our Dining Room Table

Holiday Garland Show &Tell

Updated on 12.14.08
We’re joining in a little holiday fun at The Inspired Room!  What a beautiful blog! Go check it out when you have time to look around!
This morning I happened to find a fun show & tell hosted by Nesting Place.  I stopped by a few blogs that had their garland photos listed and I just loved it!  Beautiful mantels all decorated with candles and ribbons!  It was like looking through a holiday decorating magazine, but only better.  REAL people with their REAL homes!! 
Our Front Door
Our Front Door 

Decorating our home for Christmas has always been one of our favorite things!  Here’s a few photos from our home this year. 

The wreath on our front door reflects our love for the water!  We are steps from Charlotte Harbor and enjoy the warm sea breeze at this time of year… I think it’s about 80 degrees outside today!!  Some days I love that, and some days I long for a little cozy cottage with snow on the ground.  I think that’s why we usually go on a trip during December and find a LITTLE cold weather.  We only need a little to make us very thankful for Florida!  

Our Piano
Our Piano

This here is our SPECIAL piano….painted by me!  

We purchased it years ago when our boys started piano lessons and we didn’t want to invest in a new piano.  It was brown with scratches(not a nice look)!  Now…it’s an original alright!

Since we don’t have a fireplace, we use this as our mantel!  

I did find these beautiful blue and green poinsettias at Michael’s for $1.49!!!  That’s just in case someone out there besides me wants blue and green flowers!  Hmm…maybe that’s why they were so cheap! 

We keep it pretty simple around here!  I bought tons of ribbon (It was 60% off –need I say more?) that I really don’t need.  But, I do love ribbons of all colors!  I guess I’ll use it on our gifts.  Fancy!

Maybe I have a shopping thing???

Well, the last photo is of a little collection that I have on our dining room table. You might be wondering why the photo is in a strange spot way down at the bottom…well, I don’t know what I’m doing!  Anyway, our dining room table is one of my favorite things.  Tim built it with his own two hands years ago, and we’ve have so many memories around it.  From homeschooling to Thanksgiving dinners and everything in between!  The little snowman bucket was purchased by Tim last year!  I love it!  He doesn’t really shop (ever), so that makes it extra special! 

I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse at how we decorate our home!  Merry Christmas!


Our Dining Room Table