Back To Blogging and a New Forever…Wherever!!!

Kim just brought me a water. An hour ago, she was done with me. Such is life. You win some, you lose some, hopefully it works out in the end! It's usually my mouth that gets me into trouble. If I would just hush, things might go better. Of course, it's usually my mouth that gets me into good things too. Live by the sword, die by the … [Read more...]

Life in Blogland – Day 2

Or is it day one still?  I think I'm just over 24 hours in at this point so it has to be day two.  Plus I slept at least four or five hours.  But other than that it's been blog blog blog.  I guess it's not obvious at first glance, but this was hard!  I read the posts of the computer guys all saying how simple it is, "so simple" they say.  Hmmph!  … [Read more...]