Back To Blogging and a New Forever…Wherever!!!

It's Over!

Kim just brought me a water. An hour ago, she was done with me. Such is life. You win some, you lose some, hopefully it works out in the end!

It’s usually my mouth that gets me into trouble. If I would just hush, things might go better. Of course, it’s usually my mouth that gets me into good things too. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

It’s the same way with blogging. Sometimes you write things you’re proud of. Other times, well, not so much. In fact, it was the constant self-censorship that played a huge roll in my withdrawal from the sport a few months ago. I got tired of worrying…can I say that?

Here’s the thing… I’m complex. Lot’s of men take pride in these words…” I’m a simple man.” Not me, cupcake. If I’m simple, then I must be one seriously dim lightbulb because I sure can’t figure me out. So, rather than admit to a major lack of intelligence, I’m going to go with being complex. Deeeeeep.

So, complex…


  • I can be ultra-religious and Bible thumping at one moment, yet want to post pictures of the great time I had drinking beers at the Parrot Head party the next. Is that complex, honest, or doomed to eternal fire?
  • I can be a monster of money-hungry, power-driven, egotistic selfishness on Monday, yet by mid-week be settled into a nice easy routine of super-homeschool dad and family man. Maybe that’s only when it’s a full-moon. I’ll look next time.
  • And let’s not even talk about my career. Whoa! (pronounced WO-uh!) It makes me think of a song… what is that song… “There’s something happenin’ here, what it is, ain’t exactly clear…(now I got it)…STOP children what’s that sound…” oh yeah it’s the Vietnam song. Well, my career isn’t THAT BAD… but I’ve bounced around a little lately. Way complex if you ask me.
  • I can be nice, mean, smart, dumb, generous, selfish, funny, funny, happy, sad, ugly, not really, occassionally humble… you get the picture.

Blogging the Real You

So, knowing this, is it best to blog more of the big picture? Or is it better to keep your posts universally acceptable? Will those pictures of me and the Jimmy Buffet impersonator come back to haunt me one day? Will I try for a big job and lose it because of some off-handed comment I made on the blog? It could happen.

But what is the point of a blog if not an expression of who we really are? Isn’t it supposed to be a Weblog, as-in a log of our experience? An account of how we see the world as we pass by? What’s more important, getting that big job, or getting a chance to really be an individual…forgetting what the world says about it?

One of my favorite lines from the movies, and one that has oft got me into a mess, is “Damn the Torpedos, full steam ahead!” All things considered, it’s still one of my favorite lines.

Speaking of the real us…

How do you like the new look of the blog? We LOVE it! We were getting tired of the old look and I wanted to show off my abilities as a blog designer so I pulled out all the stops. The result is totally us and we totally love it. Did you see how the little file tabs up-top change color when you roll over them? Cool, huh?

If it comes up in your day-to-day, please let people know that I can design an awesome blog for them (or you) too! I could use a little stability!

So we’re back, and since it looks like we’re still good for the “forever” part, Kim and I will be posting away! Fair warning…

Life in Blogland – Day 2

Or is it day one still?  I think I’m just over 24 hours in at this point so it has to be day two.  Plus I slept at least four or five hours.  But other than that it’s been blog blog blog.  I guess it’s not obvious at first glance, but this was hard!  I read the posts of the computer guys all saying how simple it is, “so simple” they say.  Hmmph!  That’s what I say about a truckload of concrete and lumber that’s supposed to be a house, so I guess it’s all relative, but man..what in the world!?  HTML, RSS, PHP….huh? 

I probably should have gone for one of the off-the-shelf blog deals like most folks have.  It would have been easy in comparison, but noooo I wanted to make sure this was done right.  Of course I have no idea what right is.  I just go with what I read from those men, women, and children who say that html is as simple as the the ABC’s.  A bunch of them say WordPress is the way to go.  So away I went.

It could have been worse.  In 20 odd hours time I have been able to do some stuff.  So look around and check it out.  Don’t worry, it won’t take long.

So, what is the point of this blog?  I’ve read that I should know that.  Can’t go rushing off all half-cocked without a plan.  Me?  Nawww.  So, the point.  Don’t know.  I think it has something to do with the fact that we (Kim and I…she’s the pretty one in the pictures) have dreams of fulfilling a bit more of the “wherever” part of the Forever Wherever toast and we think that the Internet might be a step in the right direction toward wherever.  She’s off to a great start with her Etsy shop Flashy Fish!  Kim makes a huge assortment of beautiful hair accessories for the young and young at heart!  She has over 200 items for sale and in just a few months she’s really started to develop a following.  One of the reasons we decided to start this blog was to help increase her work’s exposure.  My personal favorite is the Pink Truck.  I may be partial because it’s the only one of the 200+ designs that I suggested and one of the few that hasn’t yet sold at least one!  So somebody please buy the Pink Truck…it’s cool!  Some guy out there must have a budding little cowgirl this would be perfect for.

And now I know that I have a whole lot to learn about how to put a picture in a post… and how to get a time stamp on the post, and how to put a link to our email addresses, and how to write things that will actually interest people.  That’s going to be the fun part.  But I think it can be done!

AJ, our oldest son (14) is selling handmade fly-fishing flies on Etsy too.  For now they are at Kim’s Flashy Fish Shop, but he’s getting ready to open his own.  I’ll link it up when he does.

We’ve got a few things up our sleeves and we’ll be unveiling as we go.  For now I think I just need to keep on learning how to make the whole thing work like it’s supposed to.   Come back soon!  Please. 

In case I don’t know how to have the computer tell you so…this is posted by Tim at 8:30pm Dec 7th