A Taste of the Keys

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Do you know what these are? Yes, I know they’re shrimp and that’s not that hard to figure, but these are special! Very special indeed!

Key West Pinks, that’s what they are! These are not your everyday shrimp by any means.

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See how big they are?

On our recent trip to the Keys we treated ourselves to some of the local cuisine. “When in Rome…”, ya know what I mean.


We spent the morning snorkeling and relaxing by the water.

Then A.J. came up and said there was a man there selling “fresh from the boat” shrimp. Well, Tim knew right away what that meant. He was off to talk to this man about some shrimp for me. I say “me” because I am the biggest shrimp fan around! I think I could live on shrimp alone!

IMG 0709

He came back with a ton of fresh shrimp for me to cook. I’d like to say that the recipe for this specialty was a little more complex, but it’s not.

Here goes…

  • Throw the shrimp in a pot
  • Add one beer
  • Add enough water to cover the shrimp
  • Add salt, pepper, and maybe a little something extra
  • Boil for about 10 minutes until they’re bright pink

Even if you can’t stand beer, you need to add it to the shrimp. Trust me on this! I don’t know why, but shrimp like beer. Is that why they live in The Keys?

IMG 0719

They are ready to eat! Being extra sharing and caring, I served it with a ton of fresh rolls that my children love. They don’t need to fill up on shrimp! I suggest shrimp sandwiches for the kids.

This is a simple, simple meal that anyone can make! I’m sure you can add a little of this and that, but we worked with what we had with us. And it’s really not the kind of food that needs all that much added. Can you tell that I love shrimp?

Here are a few more Key West Pink Recipes!

IMG 0663

After lunch we did more relaxing, fishing, and snorkeling. This crazy Pelican kept attacking the kid’s fish as they caught them.

Here’s just the fish we needed for dinner…

IMG 0635

A Snapper of some kind.

The kids caught a ton of fish and kept Tim cleaning fish for a long time. But, it was worth all the work!


This is just the Snapper. We had three or four times as much fish for dinner. We could hardly eat it all. And that’s really saying something with this crew!

It was a great day with fresh catches, full bellies, and fish tales!

Can you tell we take eating seriously around here?

Do you ever catch fish to eat?

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26 thoughts on “A Taste of the Keys”

  1. Everything looks so yummy and your trip …wow! I wish I was there too. 🙂

    I grew up on Long Island across the street from the canal and boat docks. As a kid, I grew up clamming, crabbing etc. We used to have neighborhood volleyball and we’d boil crabs in a big pot on the barbecue. It was such fun! Your shrimp reminded me of those times.

    Debbie’s last blog post..In Other Words Tuesdays

  2. OMG–those are some BEAUTIFUL shrimp! I have never seen shrimp that big before! wow! yummmm. I also like your recipe–I definitely want to try the beer shrimp!

  3. What a delightful vacation full of yummy food. I would not be completely sure what to do with the shrimp with their heads still on…I do really enjoy shrimp though, so if somebody taught me what to do I think I could get past those eyes staring at me 🙂

    I have never gone fishing in order to catch dinner. I’ve only been fishing once for a few minutes and it was one of those catch-and-release situations. I’d love to fix my dinner from fish I’d caught!

    Kimberly’s last blog post..Pink Saturday: First rose

  4. I love shrimp! They have big one’s here in Sicily too……….

    Growing up we spent weeks every summer on the Burnt River in Eastern Oregon. We had many Rainbow Trout meals over the years. Dad caught most of the fish with us kids catching a few too. Mom would fry them up in the cast iron skillet over the fire. Yum!

    JanMarie’s last blog post..The Pope, A Friendly Waiter & Our Last Day In Rome

  5. Hi Kim, this is Dave at Home School Dad. I recenlty had a give-a-way of a point of grace c.d. and a book by Micheal Kelly Blanchard. When I picked the winner out on 4/30/09. I picked a 2nd person as well just in case the first person did not contact me. You were the 2nd person (all my followers were entered int the contest just in case you don’t recall entering). I just got an e-mail From Krisi who was the original winner. She has asked me to give away the prize to someone else. You are that someone else so congratulations! If you could e-mail with your address so I could mail you the prizes that would be fantastico!
    Again congratulations!

    Dave Roller (Home School Dad)’s last blog post..That’s What I Like About You.

  6. I’ve been to the Keys once and loved it there – and I love shrimp! My gosh, I’ve never seen shrimp that big in my life!!
    I’ll have to try them next time we get down there~
    Thank you for stopping by my blog!

    Ms.Tee’s last blog post..Cottage Driftwood Starfish

  7. I love shrimp…but I can’t handle them with the eyes and tentacals still on. Shiver! We have a restuarant here called the Crab Pot. Well, the idea is that its fun cause they line the tables with brown paper and then dump your meal onto it…crab, corn, potatoes, shirmp, etc. Well, I didnt realize the shrimp still had the heads intact. Lets just say I ate alot of corn and potatoes.

    Leah’s last blog post..mothers day cookie mix

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