A Taste of the Keys

Do you know what these are? Yes, I know they're shrimp and that's not that hard to figure, but these are special! Very special indeed! Key West Pinks, that's what they are! These are not your everyday shrimp by any means. See how big they are? On our recent trip to the Keys we treated ourselves to some of the local cuisine. "When in … [Read more...]

Still Photos, Fully Amped!

Amped isn't a word we use often, and I'm not sure we really know what it means, but we'll let it ride.... Check out these awesome videos made from some of our still pictures: How cool is that? … [Read more...]

Decorating With Maps

It might come as no surprise to you that I would love the idea of decorating around the house with maps.  Well, of course I think maps are beautiful things full of adventure and exploration.  The wonder of maps keeps my whole family in awe of all that’s left to be discovered.  There’s no need to put them up on a shelf, just frame them and decorate … [Read more...]