The Best Meal You’ve Ever Had

Travel has been an integral part of the fabric of our family since day one. Even before Kim and I were married, her parents used to let me come along on family vacations with them. I think they figured that if I wasn't going, neither was Kim! So they let me come. Great Trips Always Have Great Food! One of our favorite family conversation … [Read more...]

Decorating With Crates

Crates have a simply charming style that can add that extra touch to any room of your house.  I know I need about at least 10 of these now and I plan on grabbing every single one I run across in the near future. I never thought of turning a crate upside down and adding legs to create a crate table…love it, want it! Add a couple to your … [Read more...]

Treasure Quest

Have you ever watched Treasure Quest???  It’s one of those amazing shows that my boys watch on the Discovery Channel waiting through those long commercial breaks to see what they uncovered on the bottom of the sea.  You should check it out. Jacob has been on a non-stop search for treasure around our yard, the park, the baseball park and even all … [Read more...]