The Best Meal You’ve Ever Had

Travel has been an integral part of the fabric of our family since day one. Even before Kim and I were married, her parents used to let me come along on family vacations with them. I think they figured that if I wasn’t going, neither was Kim! So they let me come.

Great Trips Always Have Great Food!

One of our favorite family conversation starters always brings one of those trips with Kim and her folks to mind. Here is the question:

What’s the best meal you’ve ever had?

We qualify the question be suggesting that the food itself can’t be the only criteria. The real “best meal” has to take into account the overall scene. Where were you? Who were you with? What was the weather, the surroundings, the sounds and smells. All of that goes into the answer.

It’s no easy task, and after twenty years of playing, we still love this game and then answers still change.

Stir Fried Fresh Fish and Conch – Stingray City Style


Stingray City is a dive site (scuba diving) just off the leeward coast of Grand Cayman, in the Cayman Islands. It is beautiful, it is tropical, and it is way fun! Snorkelers and divers are in for an adrenaline pumping treat as they enter the water surrounded by hundreds of huge stingrays.


We sailed out on a catamaran. About a dozen people, with our group being four of those. I still remember the thrill of laying on the net stretched between the front of the hulls and looking down into the crystal clear water. The ride out was worth the trip!

As we played in the water, the captain (and owner of the small boat) did a little bit of snorkeling of his own, but he had a spear. He speared plenty of fresh fish, and collected some conch shells, which anyone who’s been to Key West knows are great food! Then he stir-fried it all up on the deck of the little sailboat and served it fresh.

Swimming in the ocean one minute, on our plates a few minutes later. That’s fresh.

ImageOf course I was highly enamored with the beautiful young girl who was my date for the trip, which didn’t hurt!

That meal, on the bow net of a catamaran, as the sun dropped low in the sky over the clear waters of Grand Cayman, was…

one of the best meals I’ve ever had!

Decorating With Crates


Crates have a simply charming style that can add that extra touch to any room of your house.  I know I need about at least 10 of these now and I plan on grabbing every single one I run across in the near future.

I never thought of turning a crate upside down and adding legs to create a crate table…love it, want it!


Add a couple to your wall for a lovely open shelf look that only took minutes to create…that’s an awesome weekend project!


What a great touch for a guest room!


I love color and this is a fun way to brighten up your wall and help you organize at the same time.  Now you’ll be on the hunt for these cool crates, too.


These are just fabulous!  Who wouldn’t want these?!


Simply stack them for instant storage and style!

Do you have any crates?  I hope you found a little bit of inspiration from these ideas and maybe you’ll know just what you want to do the next time you see one at a garage sale.


Treasure Quest

Have you ever watched Treasure Quest???  It’s one of those amazing shows that my boys watch on the Discovery Channel waiting through those long commercial breaks to see what they uncovered on the bottom of the sea.  You should check it out.

Jacob has been on a non-stop search for treasure around our yard, the park, the baseball park and even all across Georgia and Tennessee on our last trip.  So, I’m sure you can understand my surprise when we are sitting at Tommy’s Paradise Grill {an awesome new local hang out} and he claims to see one of the Odessey crew members.  I’m thinking he’s seeing things as he points to the far end of the umbrella tables…but he wasn’t!


The guys got to speak to Gregory Stemm , the co-founder and CEO of Odessey Marine Exploration!  I won’t even begin to start listing all the amazing treasure they have discovered, but you should stop by their site and check it out for yourself.

Jacob dreams of discovering historical treasure and it was such a thrill for him to meet Mr. Stemm.  He was so nice to stop and take a photo with the guys before leaving and I’m afraid we started to draw a ton of attention his way.  {The photo was taken with my phone, but it’s still pretty good.}

You never know who you might meet just around the corner!