Top 10 Must Visit Destinations

Here is the Top 10 list of places we want to visit in the future!

10. Alaska

God Bless America!

Amazing Scenery!


Amazing Wildlife!

We hope to drive our motorhome to Alaska. (maybe this summer!)

9. Norway

So Serene!

Fjords and Seaside Villages

Northern Lights over Norway!

Aurora Borealis – The Northern Lights are great from Norway!

We’ll need a boat or a plane to get us here!

8. Easter Island


Mysterious giant statues and extremely remote! Two thumbs up!

7. Antartica

After the 40' seas on the way!

One of only two continents left to set foot on!

Penguins and sea ice await. But brave heavy seas you must!

6. Bora Bora

From Bed to Sea in three easy steps!

We’ve had this one on the list for 20 years!

Stay right over the water! Wow!

5. The Great Wall of China

Now THAT is a wall!

Some things you just have to see in person. This is one for us.

We’ve been to Hong Kong, which is an incredible stop in China.

4. Africa


Amazing and Incredible Wildlife!

Amazing Animals!

I can’t wait to see a baby elephant! Africa is the other continent we have yet to see!

3. The Amazon

So Colorful!

We want to see wild macaws!


And go deep into the wildest jungle!

2. Iguazu Falls

I love waterfalls!

This is a close race for number one!

Gotta see this one!

Adjoining three countries, this is one of the most spectacular sites in the world!

And the Grand Finale!

#1 Place we want to visit is:

Machu Picchu

Ancient City in the Clouds!

Hopefully we can get there while still able to walk up the Inca Trail!

Truth be told, ten is way to short of a list. That’s why we have this:

The BIG list!

This is something you can pick up and flip through anytime. Especially if you’re like we are and are hooked on travel! I was going to put a link to it on Amazon, but they don’t have it…go figure!

Thanks to Julia for hosting Hooked on Fridays, go check it out to see what other bloggers out there are hooked on!

So, two questions:

1. Have any of you ever been to any of these places?

2. Where is the number one place YOU would want to go? (or 10..)

49 thoughts on “Top 10 Must Visit Destinations”

  1. While you have certainly been to more places than I have, I HAVE been to Africa. I saw Elephants – – – was chased by a big “scary” one while riding in the back of a teeny tiny Peugeot.

    I thought for a minute your picture was of Victoria Falls – – – I did get to enjoy that one live and in person on my Africa trip.

    Indiana Keetha’s last blog post..This Just Tickles My Little Gizzard PINK!!!!

  2. Oh, yes. You have to go to Alaska! It is fabulous! I used to live there, and I still miss it almost every day. The drive from the lower 48 is totally worth it. Gorgeous scenery. Just make sure to go through BC on the drive, not Saskatchewan (no offense to anyone reading who may be from Saskatchewan….). If you are able, stop in Kewlowna, BC for a few days on your way up to Alaska. It is very much worth the stop.

    As for places I want to go: China, a tropical island somewhere, and New Zealand. I don’t think it’ll happen any time soon, but one day on the new earth I’m gonna be one globe trotting saint!

    Rachel’s last blog post..10 Minute Makeover

  3. Wow…what amazing pictures. I have never been to any of the locations on your list but they are all beautiful! My niece’s husband went to Alaska last summer for 2 weeks of fishing and hunting and the pictures and stories he brought back were amazing….certainly a must see. When you go I want to see lots of pictures!

    Mary Beth’s last blog post..Decorative Diffuser-Homemade & Inexpensive

  4. My father travels to Norway quite a bit and he always talks about how gorgeous it is over there.

    Sadly, I have not been to any of these places. I’ve been to London a couple of times and it’s one of my favorite cities to visit. And I’d love to go to Ireland someday.

    Fun post, Kim! Thanks! :-)

    Julia @ Hooked on Houses’s last blog post..Hooked on Dutch Doors

  5. I was with you all the way until you mentioned the Amazon…..and not the .com one………I would like to go someday to Scotland and Ireland…closer to home….Alaska would be a good photo op….

  6. I have to say, I haven’t been to Machu Pichu but Iguacu Falls is the most AWESOME thing you will ever see in your life! It is just overwhelming to stand on the platform that is built right so that you can walk to the very edge of the falls and look over…….be still my heart :)

    Make sure you take a speed boat up the river to the mouth of the falls where they drop you off and you CLIMB up the cliff to the top. Not for the faint of heart.

    Tamara’s last blog post.."My Fair Lady" Fantasy Party Theme

  7. I’ve been to the Amazon in ’04! It was a crazy adventure!! One of my best friends currently lives in Africa as a missionary in TZ so I’m hoping to get there!! The Great Wall is also on my list as a must see!! Thanks for sharing!

    Angela’s last blog post..Hooked on: Cooking

  8. Love these fabulous photos! Great choices for sure.

    My #1 place to visit was Paris. I made it there several years ago, secretly worried I’d be disappointed, that it could never live up to my expectations. But no, it was MORE than I could have dreamed. That’s the best type of travel. Now I just want to go back!

    Gigi’s last blog post..Scrabble: Not Just For Game Night

  9. I’ve never been to any of those places, my parents went to Alaska years ago. I dream of commandeering a little RV type vehicle and just living on the road for a while, seeing the sights. I dont think my hubby is as thrilled at the notion but bless his heart, he goes along with just about anything I want to do! I would go just about anywhere though~I love seeing and being in new places!
    Those places all look so beautiful!

    Tommie Jo’s last blog post..Sweet Kitchen-y Things

  10. That is an admirable list – love it! I have not visited any of your top ten – but would love to see them all. My DH and I L-O-V-E to travel and do so as often as time & $ allows… however we have yet to leave the continental U.S. We are always dreaming of Scotland & Ireland….

    Kristen’s last blog post..Decorating my office…

  11. Wow…what an amazing collection of images. I have not been to any of these places…the seaside village in Norway looks amazing to me! I would love to see Prince Edward Island and Marthas Vineyard…those two places are right at the top of my list.

    Christy’s last blog post..My Sweet Childhood Days…

  12. I have never been to any of those places but they all look and sound amazing. My dad is Japanese so my #1 place to visit is Japan. If I never make it anywhere else, I will make it to Japan!!!! (But I’m only 25 so I still have lots of time!)

    Becca’s last blog post..American Idol

  13. Wow – you’re pretty adventurous aren’t you! That’s awesome. I’m more of a B&B or Marriott girl myself :). This makes me want to do some research and come up with my own list, though.

    Hey, your hubby left a message about my kitchen that cracked me up. Apparently you’ll have a new glass dish soap bottle now and he’s a little bummed about that. Ha! Men….

    AnNicole@OurSuburbanCottage’s last blog post..KITCHEN PART DEUX

  14. you sure dream big!

    mr. right and i want to go to the grand tetons out west. :)

    #1 on my list was seeing a game at Yankee stadium (did that this past spring, he proposed two days before)

    and #2 was see brett favre play for the green bay packers at lambeu field. i did that in 2006 with my dad. guess i need to update my list!

    Brooke’s last blog post..Learning to accept Mr. Right’s first love…

  15. We’ve been to Iquacu Falls twice! (We lived in the Brazilian state of Parana for a while.) Make sure you go in the wet season to really get the effect. I’ve also been to Alaska (by small plane so we could visit lots of places) and Africa (Tanzanian safari).

    I don’t know how you narrowed it down to 10! I have mental lists in several categories (by car, w/kids, w/o kids…) But I’ve been dreaming often of a trip to Molokai (in Hawaii) to see the tallest sea cliffs in the world and look for humpback whales.

    kerri d’s last blog post..Benefit in Boise

  16. I haven’t been to any, but I totally want to do a major road trip and hit all 50 states one day.

    And I want to go to Uganda in the worst way! Our church missionaries are very involved with projects there, including in an orphanage and I sooo want to go!


  17. What divine and inspirational photos! It’s a lovely change to see a list of favourite destinations that’s a bit out of the ordinary – you’ve got me thinking!


    Meredith’s last blog post..Paper Chase

  18. I have not been to any of those places, but they would all be on my list too, especially after seeing the amazing pictures you posted of them! Sigh, I guess when I feel sad that my little ones are growing up too fast I can look at the bright side that maybe as they get older it will be easier for us to travel!

    It Feels Like Chaos’s last blog post..They Grow Up Too Fast

  19. Those all look like fabulous places to visit!

    My more immediate list is a tad tamer-

    NYC, again- this time with the girls

    Washington DC




    Kind of cliche, but still…

    gina’s last blog post..perfect pancakes

  20. Now I really want to go on a vacation–somewhere warm, right now. Those places all look so fabulous. Too bad we’re poor from still diapering two kids. It’s called fear of the potty-training.

    aubrey’s last blog post..Bedheaded Randomness

  21. Waow! What a great list! My number 1 destination would be French Polynesia (Tahiti), not really for the destination itself but because my brother lives there and I miss him so much! He lives in front of the island of Bora Bora, lucky him has a nice view of it from his terrace!
    Number 2 is Nepal, Number 3 is Washington DC, and so on and on… ;)

    Elodie’s last blog post..Easy yummy very french lemon tart (tarte au citron)

  22. I love top 10 lists! Although I’ve actually traveled to Europe and even South America, the only place on your list that I’ve visited is Norway! But let me tell you, it’s a great place to go. We took the train from Oslo to Bergen and it was so picturesque. I was oohing and ahhing all the way. We even went further north past Trondheim and visited the little town of Sumstad where my father’s parents grew up.

    I follow a blog called This couple lives near the north pole and writes about life there. They have great photos too.

    Debbie’s last blog post..Fitness Friday ~ Go Red for Women

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