Forever…Wherever!!! – Even if Wherever is Here!

Tim here! (inline blog refresher: This is a “couples” blog… husband and wife write together. We usually take turns)


AJ at Ponce DeLeon Park, Punta Gorda

I’m feeling pretty good, in case you were wondering.

Want to know why? Okay, I’ll tell ya.

I’m feeling good because I’m writing here on Forever…Wherever! and I think we’ll be doing a whole lot more of that and I, for one, am doggone glad about it. Did you notice our absence? We’ve written a post or two but not much for awhile.

Want to know why? Okay, I’ll tell ya.

For me, it’s been because I kept thinking of this as a family travel blog and we’ve not been traveling as much, like at all. So I’ve been waiting for the opportunity to arise for us to go somewhere and write about it. I’m not so sure that’s a good idea.

Do blogs get dusty? If they do, that’s exactly what would happen if I wait until we start traveling the world again. It’s just not in the short-term cards. We’re so addicted to travel that we actually considered ditching it all and filling the back of the truck with camping gear (spelled T-E-N-T) and a few backpacks. We thought about it and came up with …”naaaa, let’s not.”

At least not right now.

The Here and Now

You know what we realized? We could write a “family travel blog” about the amazing area we live in for years without getting bored with it! I bet we could even make it interesting for readers too! We live in an amazing part of the world and there is so much to do and so much to see. Sometimes we miss what is right in front of us while we break our necks trying to see what’s around that next bend.

Sounds like a good way to crash to me.

So we’re not going to do that. Forever…Wherever! is a blog that will be here for many, many, many years to come. We’ll never get tired of writing here. The name is too cool.

For today, it’s about the here and now.

Here: Punta Gorda, Florida Now: Spring 2010

I think one of the first things I’ll write about is this amazing park about a mile down the road. It’s called Ponce DeLeon Park and it’s really beautiful. But in order to properly research my post, I’ll probably need to spend some time hanging out over there. Like Jacob is doing here:


If you want to read my thoughts on the Christian life in today’s world, I have a blog for that:

And you can always find Kim in her colorful world,

I’m so looking forward to being back here writing about wonderful life again!