Christmas Candy – Easy Pretzel Turtles

Easy Pretzel Turtles

Christmas candy 1

Do you need a yummy treat that only takes a few minutes to make? Who doesn’t! These Pretzel Turtles are perfect for a party or a last minute gift. I’ll show you how quick and easy you can make these sweet treats!

Gather the stuff…

Christmas candy

I gathered more than I needed! I had an idea to make them with mint candies and maybe some with candy cane sprinkles…but time has a way of slipping away!

All you really need is a bag of Rolo candy, pretzels, white chocolate, and pecans.

Christmas candy 2

Top off a pretzel with a Rolo…over and over again! I use parchment paper, but you can place them directly on your cookie sheet.

Christmas candy 3

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Bake them for 3-5 minutes…that’s all!

Christmas candy 4

Smush a pecan half onto each one. See, baking can be fun! It’s starting to look pretty good, isn’t it? You could stop right here, or you could add a little something extra to them…like more chocolate!

Christmas candy 5I

I slowly melt white chocolate chips in the microwave and spoon the melted chocolate into a plastic bag. Then I cut a tiny, tiny hole in the corner. Just squeeze to decorate.

Christmas candy 6

I could have been a little neater, but it was fun to see how fast I could make them. Hey…Tim stole one before I took my photo!

Christmas candy 7

You can use cashews, candy, or whatever else you can think of to top them off. They look like you spent awhile making them, and they taste like it too!

If you don’t get a chance to make them for Christmas, there’s always Valentine’s Day!

I found this wonderful recipe on Our Best Bites.  You should see how cute Sara wrapped her turtles up!

I’ll be making these again. I’ve already shared the recipe with everyone I’ve talked to this week. 🙂

Y’all have a great Christmas!

Our Blessing Tree

Decking the halls at our house…

Christmas tree 2

We have always made a big deal out of decorating our tree. It’s a major thing in our house, and the way we do it is a tradition that I’m sure my boys will always remember. Over the years our tree has turned into a Blessing Tree {explained more by Tim in our post last year} and way more than just part of decorating for Christmas.

Christmas Tree 1

When were were first married we started a little tradition that we didn’t even plan. I think those work out best, don’t you?

We have always been travelers, not like in a circus, but we go EVERY chance we get. When we had children some people said we wouldn’t be able to travel as much with little ones, but we went even more! The joy of showing children new places and discovering God’s amazing creations together is one that no one should miss!

On each trip we collect ornaments from new cities or countries we visit along the way. They’re small, they pack well, and they’re jam packed with memories of where we bought it, what we were doing, and how we got there. Ornaments are some of the best souvenirs ever created!

Christmas tree 5

This year Grandma Shuman came over to join us for our tree decorating event! What a blessing to have her share in our memories as we unwrapped each ornament. Some were even from trips that we had all been on together, like New Orleans and a family cruise.

Christmas Tree 3

We have to buy a big, fat tree each year. That usually involves at least three stops to find just the right one, but this year we found one in record time! {The boys were thrilled about that!}

When we’ve finished hanging ornaments, we have a few baby ornaments, some the kids made, a handful that were gifts, and TONS of trip ornaments!

Christmas tree 9

Here’s one from London…one of my many favorites!

Christmas tree 7

One year we stopped to check out Austin. A.J. was named after the city and he just happens to be a guitar playing freak, so this is the perfect ornament from such a cool town.

Christmas tree 4

A.J. topped off the tree this year without anything to step on…he’s THAT tall now!

Christmas tree 10

This ornament always reminds us all just how amazing a hail storm can really be…we were parked there during one. Oh, and the monument was neat, too.

Christmas tree 8

Here’s the newest addition…Panama! The boys went on a fabulous cruise to the Panama Canal with their grandparents last month. {We didn’t get to go with them, but I won’t go on about how sad that was in this holiday post.} Since they’re homeschooled, we just called it a BIG field trip!

Thanks for stopping by to share in our Christmas tree decorating. One of the things I’ve really enjoyed about reading blogs is learning how other families celebrate. Do you have some Christmas family traditions that you just couldn’t go without?

Merry Christmas~