Dogs Like To Walk

There really is something special about a dog. Speak to them, and they’re ready to listen. Offer a little table scrap ,and you get a look like you’ve just given them the best, most awsomest, gift ever! If you really want to get them excited, grab a leash and stand by the door.

Dogs Love To Walk!

I went on a walk with my dogs this morning. The sun was rising over palm trees that I know are part of my soul. The sky was ablaze in a million shades of brilliant orange, pinks, greys, blues, and whites. The air was downright chilly, couldn’t have been above 57, maybe 58 degrees. Brrrr. Despite a crisp breeze, the surface of the Harbor was a flat calm. Looked like glass.

On a beautiful morning, with two pups slobbering and tail-wagging all over the place, it’s easy to be happy. Everything takes on a new perspective when your companion’s biggest concern is which tree to annoint, and exactly where. Watching something so silly be so important, kind of makes you just breathe.

Kind of like… maybe I make silly things important too.

3 thoughts on “Dogs Like To Walk”

  1. Other than my big mouth-I pray that I’ll just not sweat the small stuff,or like you say the silly stuff, that I let clutter up my life !Love you !

  2. Great to see you on here sounds like a beautiful walk Love you all ‘thinking of ya. Hope everyone is doing well Love Aunt Pam

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