Dogs Rule!

buttercup 3

Our dogs are a BIG part of our family and I realized the other day that we don’t stop and take photos of them often enough. This is Miss Buttercup! Isn’t she sweet? We all love her, but I think Tim and A.J. fight over who she loves the most on a weekly basis.

She was in an awful accident last year and we thought she wouldn’t make it, but she is very tough! And the best begger I’ve EVER seen!

buttercup 2

Both our Shar-peis are from a really nice family of show dogs, Sundried Shar-peis. They were the smart ones that opted out of the whole show scene. We are major Shar-pei fans not only because they are extremely cute, but they have very laid-back attitudes.

buttercup and hershey 1

They’re both wondering why I am taking their photos. I think they’re looking for some type of payment for this…maybe a sandwich or something.

hershey yawning

This is Hershey! Doesn’t he look strange here? He’s yawning because he’s over the whole photo session thing. I am always amazed at how many hours they can sleep in a day!

hershey 3

Hershey really loves ME! Well, he tends to think Jacob is pretty cool for scratching his head all the time, but I’m the one he follows from room to room all day. He’s starting to get a little grey in his face…soooo sweet!

Hershey is the only dog I know that can say he’s been to all the lower 48 states and Canada…he’s a travelin’ man.

If I listed all our other animals in this same post we would be here AWHILE! I’ll save the rest of the zoo for another day.

Today belongs to the dogs!!!

I’d love to hear about your awesome pets. Do you have dogs? Cats?

What Else Can You Do With Your Beautiful Fall Leaves?


Fall wreaths are beautiful, but I found a few other ideas for those stunning leaves that are all over…well, everywhere but here. I’ll just have to pretend they’re here and buy them at the store.

Making a swag couldn’t be easier, and it’s a great way to dress up a garden gate or door. Okay, I want the garden gate in the photo along with the swag!


Each leaf is so beautiful on its own. You can turn them into beautiful wall art. This is something that would be great to do with your kids!

Start by collecting a few fall beauties the next time your outside. Flatten them under a book, and then copy them faced down with a color copier. Glue your copy on a canvas-covered art board. Hang one or several in a row. What a beautiful display for fall!


This window box over the fireplace looks sooooo cozy! Inside or outside you can keep your fall leaves fresh by arranging them in wet florist foam.


Doesn’t that look easy? Window boxes are a great feature anytime of the year. {Not that I’m hinting about wanting window boxes or anything.}

DSCN1548-main Full

If you live in Florida, this might be the best option…tissue paper leaves. Just cut out some fall leaves of your own and hang them with fishing line. Most people around here have fishing line everywhere!

3036 102307 fallbranches l

Of course, any fall branches would look great in a vase! Enjoy your beautiful leaves, and we’ll keep hanging in there with our super-hot weather in the 90s! I know you’ll all be wishing you were here in February! :)


White Pumpkins


This photo has inspired me to decorate with white pumpkins this year. The colors are so natural and not too dark for our coastal area. Maybe I’ll throw a starfish in to beach it up a bit.

We get a little crazy with Halloween decorations around here, so I have a little time to browse around before traditional fall decorations take their place around the house.

Wait until you see all these white pumpkins! You are going to want to run out and grab a few of your own.


Don’t you love this front porch?


These are the funky and creepy ones.


Elegant Baby Boo pumpkins monogrammed…beautiful!


What a pretty alternative to my usual little orange ones.


They are so pretty on a pedestal and sure to last throughout the season.

10 color spr00 l

What would a white pumpkin post be without a little something from Martha Stewart. A stunning fall centerpiece! This would look great on my big table. The colors are perfect, and I can’t wait to try it!

I’m a pretty traditional person, but I’m going to spice it up a bit with a few of these white beauties this year.

Are you using white pumpkins this year?

Photo credit: 1 &2, 3,4 & 5, 6, 7

A Grillin’ Weekend


The mornings have been getting a little nicer around here and we’ve been able to really enjoy our coffee on the back porch again. The summer was so hot and humid that we didn’t spend too much time hanging out in the backyard. Since our house is small, the porch really opens up our living area.

We are always amazed at how our palm trees have grown to be so full that this is the view as you look up from our chairs. Tim took this beautiful photo this morning.


I can’t wait to add a few new potted flowers to the porch, but I guess it’s pretty colorful just as it is. I don’t think Tim left his chair to take this photo either…he was relaxed!

chicken and ribs

It was time to start up the grill again! Tim grilled up fantastic cheeseburgers yesterday and this is what we had today! Ribs and chicken…we couldn’t decide on one or the other, so he grilled both. My first thought was that we’d have leftovers. The reality of it is that the more food we cook the more the boys eat!!! Boys eat a ton! I managed to save a few pieces of chicken by running to the kitchen with the platter. It was wonderful to have grillin’ going on again!

chair with paradise sign

Beautiful weather and great food made it feel like “Paradise” in our backyard! It was a relaxing weekend just hanging out and enjoying awesome food.

How was your weekend? Did you do something fun outdoors?

Is Respectable Language Dead?

Updated… see notes at bottom.

I’ve been watching some so-called social media experts speak today from Izeafest, a social-media and internet marketing event at Sea World in Orlando. I just turned it off… had all I can take.

It amazes me the kind of behavior we follow in this country. Notice I didn’t say the kind of behavior we “allow”, that would be bad enough! No, we actually follow these people. We listen to them.

I’m not even going to begin to try and duplicate the language I heard from these speakers today, but I was uncomfortable, and I’m a construction worker, and I was at home! I expect, or am at least prepared for, certain language in certain settings, such as in the bottom of a ditch on a 100 degree day, or at the DMV.

But live, from a paid speaker, at a professional event that attendees pay $300.00 each to attend? I’m shocked.

I was going to bring my Christian values into this, but I’m not going to. We are a country of diverse religious belief and background, but we are also a country of strong moral grounding. We know right from wrong and we know how to speak with respect and respectable language.

I hope that once the population as a whole comes online more and the online population begins to take on a more accurate resemblance to the “real” world, that we once again establish some parameters of respectability and decency in our word choices.

Additional thoughts a day later:

Kim says I’m always wanting to push my stuff off the page because I don’t like some or all of what I wrote.  In some ways that’s true and it’s because it’s not easy to cover every angle of a thought in a short post. 

My feelings about decent language won’t change, but I regret suggesting that we shouldn’t follow people who use bad language.  That may not be true all the time.  Language usage, like the rest of human expression, is subject to continual error.  But it doesn’t mean that the person, as a whole, is flawed in some horrible way.  They may very well be people deserving of “overall” respect.  But, given the chance, I would try and convince them that they would get further by changing the words they use and I think as a society we should stand-up for decency in public.