Dinner Together as a Family — A Regular Thing that Gets More Special Over Time

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Hello! Tim here:

I sat down last night to write my weekly post for Blissfully Domestic’s Blissful Home and I had one thing on my mind when I did. Food. We had just finished a great dinner (thanks, Kim!) and I was still basking in the warmth it brought to my life. 😉 You can read the post that resulted, all about dining rooms, here.

home contributor smallBut it also caused me to stop and think about our family meals together and when I did, I have to say, I was just floored with thankfulness. We’ve been blessed with schedules that allow us to eat all of our evening meals together and many of our lunches and breakfasts, all around our big giant table, which I made out of a pile of lumber.

Kim and I tried to guess at the numbers (I like numbers) and we figure that over the years we’ve had a meal together as a family more than 95% of the time. Each time, we bow our heads together and thank God for our meal. We’ve often prayed for sick family members to feel better, sometimes those family members were of the four-legged or swimming variety.

I guess the point of me writing all of this is just to say how thankful we are that we’ve been able to do this and to encourage anyone who can make adjustments in life’s busy schedule in order to gain that evening meal together that it is so worth it! You’ll never regret it and as the years pass it just becomes more and more precious.

More and more entertaining too now that the boys eat more than me and we have tribal battles every night to decide who gets the most food! My winning record is taking some hits… (but that may not be a bad thing!)

What about you? Does your family gather around the table every night? If not, do you have any tips for those whose schedule just won’t allow it? Let us know in the comments!