Bringing Outside In!

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Bring Outside In!

Beautiful houseplants are a simple way to decorate your home!

Flowers look so pretty outside, but this time of year it’s especially nice to bring some inside to brighten things up.  Most houseplants last and last, so they’re a great value when it comes to decorating.  

The pretty yellow flowers at the top are Begonias and they are so easy to grow!  Isn’t the pot just gorgeous?  Don’t skimp on this part because it’s going to be in your home for months.  You don’t want to look at the cheap plastic pot you bought it in all that time! 

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Ferns always make great houseplants and they are hard to kill! That’s a good thing!

There are so many different varieties of ferns that you can’t buy just one.  Keep the ferns moist and they will stay green for months and months.  Simple beauty makes these a classic houseplant!  They are a great addition to any room of your house!

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Bromeliads are one of my favorites!  They are a little on the tropical side and are available everywhere.  The colors they come in are so striking! Bromeliads take very little care and last longer than you would think. Once the color of the bloom starts to fade I just plant it in the yard. They will multiply and have more blooms!

These make great housewarming or hostess gifts.  And they last so much longer than fresh flowers!

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This is an African Violet and they grow great in kitchen windows!

I’m going to go ahead and brag about how I won a blue ribbon at the State Fair with one of these beautiful plants.  That’s the only time I’ve ever entered anything and I won.  Yeah!  But it died a few weeks later!  After staying on display at the fair for two weeks and not really receiving the love I gave it, the poor plant was in rough shape.  Live and learn!

A Breath of Fresh Air!    

Houseplants help clean the air in your home! No silk fern collecting dust can say that!

Anytime you purchase new furniture, linens, or even bring clothes home from the cleaners, you are bringing chemicals into your home. Two or three plants every 100 square feet will help clean the air your breathing.

What a beautiful way to freshen the air!

Some other great houseplants are Orchids, Areca Palms, English Ivy, and Daisies.

What kind of houseplant do you have?

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  1. These are beautiful pictures! Did you take them?

    Rina’s last blog post..Sunday Linkage

  2. Ivy is one of my favorites I use back home. I also like spider plants. Here in Sicily I only have a pot of cactus on the dining room table at the moment. I don’t usually do well with cactus so I hope I don’t kill them!

    JanMarie’s last blog post..Gentlemen, start your engines!!

  3. Those are all so pretty!! I just moved into a new apartment and want to bring in some plant life… but I’m terrible with plants. You mentioned ferns are hard to kill- I’ll definitely start there! What would you say is the hardest plant to kill… that has flowers? I want some color as well :) Great blog post!

  4. I just bought a big plant, but I’m notoriously bad at keeping them alive. I don’t really know why. Perhaps I should try a fern.

    Holly’s last blog post..Souper Saturday–Hearty Hamburger

  5. Great idea! I really need to see something green and beautiful. A new houseplant would cheer me up!

    Gayle’s last blog post..Happy Valentine’s Day!

  6. I love Fresh Flowers!

    SoBella Creations’s last blog post..My Life ‘Xpressed

  7. You showed some amazing house plants. It is a good thing I live in New England where things grow unassisted, because any left in my charge inevitably die. I do have a bamboo that I have had for two years that still has one leaf on it, and some sort of vine-y plant that hubby cares for has multiplied into three pots. Great post!

    Shannon’s last blog post..Sweet Weekend

  8. These plants are absolutely gorgeous and certainly brighten up the indoors. I often do that with my buxus pots too. Thank you for stopping by French Essence – lovely to meet you, xv.

    Vicki Archer’s last blog post..The City of ‘Silver’ Light

  9. Thanks for stopping by my site and leaving a comment. I am grateful the Lord allowed our paths to cross, even if it is just in this invisible “land of internet.” Who but the Lord could acoomplish such a thing!! I will check in with you often. Blessings.

  10. For some reason here in Arizona my green thumb has turned black. :(
    I so love houseplants.
    But I do buy a big bundle of flowers and create little floral vignettes for around the home every week. Sigh~ lovely!

    Laura Ingalls Gunn’s last blog post..Happy President’s Day!

  11. I went looking for a pretty house plant the other day. I came home empty-handed. I think I will have to try again!

    Kim V’s last blog post..Meet Emma

  12. I only have one that I’ve been able to keep alive, but I’m looking for more ideas! Thanks for sharing.

    Kimm at Reinvented’s last blog post..Containing Kid Clutter

  13. Alright. You’ve totally inspired me. We moved to this house a year ago, and before we moved, we got rid of all houseplants, because we didn’t want to move them. Now I think I need to rebuild my collection. Great post!

    sandra/tx’s last blog post..Hamptons Showhouse

  14. I used to keep real ivy in my house but right now I have a wandering jew. They are hard to kill too so that is good for me. :) I need to bring some more real plants in sometime soon. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Shannon’s last blog post..Organizing the Pantry

  15. First – Thanks for the congrats! And I will definitley post the Burritos to Tasty Tuesday~ thank you for asking :)

    Second – Beautiful African Violet! DH & I were just talking about getting smaller potted plants to put in the bedroom – liven it up a little – and I think the violet would be perfect. Wonderful suggestions!

  16. Thanks for the encouragement you left on my blog! I’m also so surprised that they sold out so quickly! I guess we all like eggs and feathers!

    Laryssa @ Heaven In The Home’s last blog post..Online Overdose

  17. Oooh so pretty! I just bought a red begonia a few weeks ago with blooms but now they are gone :( how to bring them back???!!!
    And we won a bromeliad at a political thing that we went to a while back. It had a yellow flower and now nothing (is there a theme going on here with my flowering plants?)
    But…my african violets are faithful and true; one or more is always in bloom!
    Maybe that’s the secret…have MANY plants & maybe one will be sure to be in bloom ;)

    Tommie Jo’s last blog post..Sweet Kitchen-y Things

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