Wally-Docking: On the Road Again

A Luxury Spot for the Night! We're hooked on travel! We love being on the road and after a couple of months at home, we've hit the road again! Just a few days away this time, but I bet we'll see some good stuff and have a great time! One of the things we do that people who "just don't understand" raise their eyebrows at is what you see in the … [Read more...]

Birds in Paradise

Sometimes we enjoy our coffee on the back porch in the morning, and this is what we see...   Quaker Parrots! You can hear them as they fly all around in the morning. They are rather loud, but I love the sounds from these sweet little birds! Quaker Parrots (sometimes called Monk Parrots) live in some southern areas like ours. They are just … [Read more...]

Tasty Tuesday – It’s a Soup Thing!

Welcome to Tasty Tuesday! What's with the tissues? Well... We have been seeing our share of tissue over the last couple of weeks! With everyone but Tim getting sick, I should just buy them in bulk. What's the best food in the world for sore throats and stuffy noses? Chicken Noodle Soup!!! Everyone knows there's something special about it … [Read more...]

Bringing Outside In!

Bring Outside In! Beautiful houseplants are a simple way to decorate your home! Flowers look so pretty outside, but this time of year it's especially nice to bring some inside to brighten things up.  Most houseplants last and last, so they're a great value when it comes to decorating.   The pretty yellow flowers at the top are Begonias and … [Read more...]

Hooked on Books?

Are you hooked on books? I know our family is! With all the reading we do, books can pile up fast and start to take over the house!  This is where Hooked on Books comes to the rescue!  We take in all the books we've finished reading and they give us credit for more books!  It's a win/win situation if I ever saw one!         The store … [Read more...]

Meal Planning Made Easy

Here's something to make life a little easier! My Meal Planner! I have everything I need to plan meals (even take out meals) with this new notebook set up just right for our family. Sometimes there are organizational gadgits for sale that are supposed to help you out, but they might not work just right for you and your family! Take a look … [Read more...]

Chicken Cranberry Pizza – Tasty Tuesday Blog Party

Welcome to Tasty Tuesday! I bet you can't guess what kind of pizza this is! (maybe the title gave it away?) It is a Chicken Cranberry Pizza! I know, I know...you're thinking that your not too sure about eating a pizza with cranberries on it! Well, maybe this post will change your mind and you'll give it a try! When we were Auckland, New Zealand … [Read more...]

I’ve Gone Postal!

I was driving down the street today and I decided to pull over and snap a photo of this mailbox...Miss Manatee! She is quite the beauty and almost looks like she's doing a little dance with the high winds of the day blowing her grass skirt! I've seen manatee mailboxes before, since we're in Florida, but this one is just heads and tails over the … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Cupcakes on Tasty Tuesday!

Welcome to Tasty Tuesday at Forever...Wherever!  This week, Cupcakes take the cake! Everybody loves cupcakes!   Nowadays they are everywhere!  From good old fashioned birthday cupcakes, to high falutin' wedding cupcakes, cupcakes are in! These Valentine's Day cupcakes I made are the perfect sweet treat for your special valentines.  I … [Read more...]