To Tweet, or Not to Tweet?


Twitter is one of those things that some people seem to love while others think it’s just a big ol’ waste of time.  So…I’m sorta getting mixed messages here.

Tim and I had already checked into it earlier today and signed up.  But that’s as far as we got!

I visited Living Locurto this evening and read a post about Twitter that made me want to start right now!  She’s had great success marketing with it!

I read a post about Twitter at Copyblogger, and I must say it seems a little overwhelming to me! 

Is it really time consuming?  Do you get strange people saying strange things?

I started reading some of the Twitter “Getting Started” page and I’m feeling a little old (but I’m not old) and out of it at the moment!

I like to read up on everything before I do it, and I love information!  I thought my best source for information might just be all of you out there! 

Can you help me out?    

How has it worked for you and do you have any tips?

Thanks everyone!

15 thoughts on “To Tweet, or Not to Tweet?”

  1. Hi!
    Sorry, I know nothing about twitter, but noticed that you emailed me.
    I accidently obliterated the email with the spam before I opened it – but then reconized you in the followers section.
    Once again I am sorry, please feel free to contact me again.

    Natashya’s last blog post..Getting Carnivorous with Tyler

  2. Oh, I forgot to add this to my post.. Tweet Later is a service that allows you to automatically set tweets to a certain time. You can schedule them in advance. Not as personable, but it’s great when you’re busy! I have 3 twitter accounts, so it’s so handy. It also sends you your replies via email so you don’t have to stay on Twitter all day.

    Amy @ Living Locurto’s last blog post..Hooked on Fridays

  3. Hi Kim! I signed up for it when I was following something on the News one time. I followed one of the reporters. I haven’t been back since! I don’t really get it. I mean I get how it works and all, but I guess I’m just not “into” it!

    Thanks for coming my blog, and for the encouraging words concerning my new job! I think it is going to be fun! We are a members only travel service, so we are not open to the public. It’s interesting so far!

    Good luck with the twitter thingy ma bob!

    Cassie’s last blog post..Where Did All Of My Time Go!?

  4. I have been on twitter for a few weeks now and I like it. I have not “gone at it” from a marketing perspective but would like to do that. One bit of advice, read the profiles before you following. I have not had any negative experiences. It is addictive and I need to shut it off when I am working. If you want to look me up on twitter, I am cupcakes5. Hope the quick review helps.

    Mary Beth’s last blog post..No Sew Window Valances

  5. I twitter and most days update it once a day- some days more , some days not at all. I love it for the creativity of it. My favorite people to follow are ones who construct witty bits with the allotted characters- however I also enjoy your basic day in the life update. What I DO NOT like is people who reply at to 500 people a day. I say- use direct message or IM for that- and if somebody’s @replies take up a whole page of my twitter account I will no longer follow them.

    Just my two cents.

    gina’s last blog post..The letter of the day is yummy!

  6. KIM!! I get to meet you at blissdom?! How did I not realize that? Also what is your twitter user name so we can follow you? Or, just follow me at Thenester or The Nester or something.

    I’m still learning the twitter ropes and I’m pretty boring but, you know.

    The Nester’s last blog post..Dream Home:: A Giveaway

  7. Hi Kim, I use Twitter a little bit. Some people follow me because they like the free crochet patterns that I post on my site from time to time. I will tweet a message to let them know when a new pattern is up. Don’t worry too much about strange or annoying people following you. You don’t have to follow them. If you don’t follow them, you won’t see their tweets, unless they reply to you, and then you would need to look under your reply tab in twitter, and if necessary, you can block people from following you. I have a link to my twitter account on my site, if you want to follow me, I’ll follow you! What is your twitter user name?

    Gayle’s last blog post..Who Left Those Tracks?

  8. Well…I did it! I’m a tweety bird now! I have to confess, I am a little bit, way, COMPLETELY overwhelmed with all of the things I need to know to not make myself look like a total dork! (is there anyone else out there that still uses the term “dork”?…or does that make me one all by itself?)

    I will make Tim figure out how to put some sort of twitter link on our site…in the meantime I’m on Twitter …. @ForeverWherever

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