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Updated on 12.14.08
We’re joining in a little holiday fun at The Inspired Room!  What a beautiful blog! Go check it out when you have time to look around!
This morning I happened to find a fun show & tell hosted by Nesting Place.  I stopped by a few blogs that had their garland photos listed and I just loved it!  Beautiful mantels all decorated with candles and ribbons!  It was like looking through a holiday decorating magazine, but only better.  REAL people with their REAL homes!! 
Our Front Door
Our Front Door 

Decorating our home for Christmas has always been one of our favorite things!  Here’s a few photos from our home this year. 

The wreath on our front door reflects our love for the water!  We are steps from Charlotte Harbor and enjoy the warm sea breeze at this time of year… I think it’s about 80 degrees outside today!!  Some days I love that, and some days I long for a little cozy cottage with snow on the ground.  I think that’s why we usually go on a trip during December and find a LITTLE cold weather.  We only need a little to make us very thankful for Florida!  

Our Piano
Our Piano

This here is our SPECIAL piano….painted by me!  

We purchased it years ago when our boys started piano lessons and we didn’t want to invest in a new piano.  It was brown with scratches(not a nice look)!  Now…it’s an original alright!

Since we don’t have a fireplace, we use this as our mantel!  

I did find these beautiful blue and green poinsettias at Michael’s for $1.49!!!  That’s just in case someone out there besides me wants blue and green flowers!  Hmm…maybe that’s why they were so cheap! 

We keep it pretty simple around here!  I bought tons of ribbon (It was 60% off –need I say more?) that I really don’t need.  But, I do love ribbons of all colors!  I guess I’ll use it on our gifts.  Fancy!

Maybe I have a shopping thing???

Well, the last photo is of a little collection that I have on our dining room table. You might be wondering why the photo is in a strange spot way down at the bottom…well, I don’t know what I’m doing!  Anyway, our dining room table is one of my favorite things.  Tim built it with his own two hands years ago, and we’ve have so many memories around it.  From homeschooling to Thanksgiving dinners and everything in between!  The little snowman bucket was purchased by Tim last year!  I love it!  He doesn’t really shop (ever), so that makes it extra special! 

I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse at how we decorate our home!  Merry Christmas!


Our Dining Room Table

29 thoughts on “Holiday Garland Show &Tell”

  1. Your piano reminds me of the one that I learned to play on. I love how colorful yours is. And Florida sounds so wonderful to me right now. We’ve been getting snow off and on for a month, and I’m ready to be done…but winter hasn’t “officially” even started, so I guess we have a lot more snow to come. Oh well. It is really pretty.

  2. THanks for stopping by my garland show and tell! I love the wreath on your door! It snowed today in Texas!! I’m looking forward to some warm Florida weather in few weeks!

  3. Oh, I love the beachy theme! It’s still Christmas-y but reflects your lifestyle. I once spray-painted a piano black in a plastic tent in the living room. I’d hold my breath and dive in and spray, then jump out and gasp for air. Yours looks way better!
    Thanks for visiting my blog today.

  4. I love the shells, I’ve stuck some in a garland upstairs but we are nowhere near the beach-it’s cold frosty mornings for us. Your wreath is beautiful!

  5. Kim,
    I seem to be having some internet challenges tonight so this is my 3rd try. Just wanted to tell you how beautiful everything looks. I love your front door wreath!! You are so talented and make your cottage on the harbor a dream home!

  6. I love your Blessing True… precious to get to relive all those moments from your family life together!!! It truly is a blessing!!!

  7. I love your wreath! I am a little jealous about the weather. It’s windy & about 30 degrees here in Dallas. 🙁 Looking at your wreath reminds me of the beach…. some place I rather be. Merry Christmas. xoxo, Joanna

  8. Hi Kim, I am Kim and I live in Florida too. It must be the day for Kims in Fl. I love that Piano. I am so mad I just gave away my piano that I had had since the third grade because it was so ugly. I could have painted it it and I never thought of that!!!

  9. Thanks for your comment! I love your wreath especially the starfish. I also love the ornament from Glacier Park. My sn and I went there almost 2 years ago on a mission trip for the Blackfeet Indians. Would love to go back!

  10. Thanks for your comment! I love your wreath especially the starfish. I also love the ornament from Glacier Park. My son and I went there almost 2 years ago on a mission trip for the Blackfeet Indians. Would love to go back!

  11. First, thank you for stopping by my blog. I would love to hear how the muffin tin omlettes turn out. My family just loves them.

    Second, I really enjoy participating in the Nesting Place Show and Tells. Everything is always so beautiful.

    Finally, I love your mantle idea. Re purposing/dual purposing the piano was a great idea.

    Thanks again for stopping by.

  12. Congratulations on your new blog! I’m pretty new at blogging myself, but I’d say from the looks of things you’ve already faaaar surpassed me in the techno-savvy end of things. Just had to tell ya, I LOVE your piano! What a clever idea. And no one else will ever have a living room quite like yours 🙂

  13. OOOOOOH! Your blue piano is so CUTE! And I LOVE the blue and green flowers on your garland! Right about now, I wish I was visiting you, and had a warm breeze blowing in my face!

  14. I just LOVE the “sea star” theme! I tried to get one of the big box stores to do a mini christmas tree with those one year but the buyer thought it was not quite “main stream” enough. Too bad ’cause it looks amazing 🙂

  15. Hey! Thanks for stopping by Tater Tales and leaving a comment so that I could visit you! I love the beach theme, and the piano is wonderful! Very creative!

    I see that you’re new to blogging. Welcome! I just started a few months ago. I’m impressed that you jumped in with your own domain! I took the easy way because I knew that if I started the hard way I’d never keep going!

    Hang in there! It’s so much fun!

    Hope to see you around the blog again!

  16. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I simply fell in love with your wreath! And to pick oranges right out in your own yard…wow! We are sitting in 7 inches of snow here! Your blue iano would fit right in with my house!

    Happy Holidays!

  17. Love the wreath also- I’m a big fan of the beach and have always dreamed of having a white Christmas- {White sand that is :}
    Thanks for sharing all your loveliness-
    Happy Day

  18. What a great beachy themed Christmas.

    I love your piano colors, too.

    I know there is at least one other person who bought blue flowers. ME! LOL. I used them on one of my trees.

    Thanks for stopping by my garland post and leaving such a nice comment. For some reason I got booted off the link after just a few hours. I read the post three times and still don’t know what I did for her to kick me off. I thought we were all just sharing ideas, and everyone was welcome to contribute.

    Have a Merry Christmas.

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