Jeep Adventure in Moab, Utah

This was one of those days that we'll remember forever! What a difference a day can make! Yesterday we spent a ton of time turning the motorhome around and today we stayed put to have a little off road fun in Moab, Utah! We rented a Jeep because Tim hasn't managed to customize the motorhome for off road adventures just yet! Well, let's just say … [Read more...]

Snow, Snow, Navajo

It's been about 28 hours since we pulled out of Santa Fe.  In that time, we've been in three, no four, states and nothing much has gone according to plan.  Maybe that's why we don't plan too much!  The best way to describe it is with pictures: We left Santa Fe in the late afternoon.  We were going to head to Taos, NM but decided to move … [Read more...]

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe.  It’s one of those places that makes you want to become a novelist.  You imagine sitting in a café on the Plaza sipping a steaming cup of some special “local’s only” coffee.  You exchange greetings with the regulars as they come and go, while spinning a yarn about the special, sometimes surreal, people and places which surround … [Read more...]

Heading to Santa Fe

Just wanted to drop a note to those faithful followers of our Winter Road Trip (there are at least four or five thousand people sitting by the computer waiting for our next exciting post, right?) Well it is about to get exciting!  We've been driving and driving and there just ain't a whole lot to say about that and not much to show you...but now … [Read more...]

All the Dough is gone!

Thanks to everyone who entered our giveaway for the rainbow sherbert play-dough by Do Si Dough!  We had a total of 14 entries including those who entered twice by signing up to receive our email subscription. And the winner is: Fifi Flowers!!  Congratulations Fifi, we know you're going to love this play-dough! We'll get with you by email … [Read more...]

Winter Road Trip – Day 3 – North Texas

8:21pm Central Time - Childress, TX, en route to New Mexico. Last night we were able to make it through Mississippi and into Louisiana where we spent the night at a rest stop!  Not my favorite place to sleep, but sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do! Today we've spent most of the day driving through the great big state of TEXAS!  We … [Read more...]

Winter Road Trip – Day 1.5

It's about 2:00pm Central Time and we're just south of Birmingham, Alabama.  It's rainy, but warm outside and we're still sporting our flip-flops. Yesterday was awesome!  Christmas is always wonderful and yesterday was no exception.  We could write volumes and post 100 pictures!  We had great times from first thing in the AM (6:00am) when the … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas!! – Here we Go!!

It's Christmas and we're ready to go!  We've been working hard to get everything ready and the time is upon us.  It's actually very early now and we need to sleep some before the kids wake up.  We'll open presents, have our traditional Christmas Morning breakfast, and head up to Tampa to visit the grandmas.  After that it's West to who knows … [Read more...]

Spotted! – If you see us, say hello!

If you've seen us on the road, in a parking lot, at a campground...or wherever!  Please let us know by commenting below.  Stay tuned to see where we were headed!  Or, if you have a suggestion of where we might want to visit, we'd love to hear that too.  Thanks and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! … [Read more...]

A Hot Cuppa Joe – Daily Thanks

Thank you Lord for COFFEE!!! Isn't it sublime?  Well, maybe that's dramatic but I tell you what, it's hard to beat a hot cup of coffee on a cold winter's night!  It can't be more than, like, 58 degrees out there.  BRRRRRRRR!     Bone chilling!  But I have a fresh cup to keep me warm. Maybe I should have saved this for a Daily Thanks a week … [Read more...]