We're Tim & Kim Layton and we've been travelling the world together for over 20 years. As a couple, or with kids. In the US, or abroad. By road, by rail, by air, by sea, or even by foot! We just love to go!


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Little Switzerland, North Carolina {Road Food}

Nestled right on the side of The Blue Ridge Parkway there sits a town you won’t want to pass up…Little Switzerland, North Carolina.  … [Read More...]


The Blue Ridge Parkway

This summer we went on another road trip with no itinerary in mind.  We knew we had about 10 days and a few stops we might like to see.  We … [Read More...]


A Taste of the Keys

Do you know what these are? Yes, I know they're shrimp and that's not that hard to figure, but these are special! Very special … [Read More...]


Still Photos, Fully Amped!

Amped isn't a word we use often, and I'm not sure we really know what it means, but we'll let it ride.... Check out these awesome videos … [Read More...]


Decorating With Maps

It might come as no surprise to you that I would love the idea of decorating around the house with maps.  Well, of course I think maps are … [Read More...]


The Best Meal You’ve Ever Had

Travel has been an integral part of the fabric of our family since day one. Even before Kim and I were married, her parents used to let me … [Read More...]